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Immediately after completing my Year 12 exams I was offered an IT traineeship with the Catholic Education Office. My role was to fix and deploy computers for the students to use. It was a two year traineeship which during this time I completed my Cert. 3 & 4 in IT plus my Diploma in IT.

I then began working for plastics manufacturer Channell Commercial Corporation as their single point of contact in IT as the National IT Support Analyst. I reported directly into the US head office and managed all IT infrastructure and software for the five offices in Australia. This also included some great projects. One of which can be read about here. I was forced to move on in 2009 as the company moved into receivership.

My most recent role is at  Synthes as their National IT Coordinator. In this role I manage the IT support (including staff) for the country including  projects such as:
- Salesforce CRM deployment with Chatter social enterprise 

- Implemented a BYOD strategy enabling staff to use their personal iPad's securely for work use in and out of the office

- Initiated and began the first eCommerce project globally for the business

- Developed the largest medical device catalogue in the country with over 18,000 items to comply with government eHealth initiatives

- Launched WebEx (online meeting tool) in Australia with group training sessions

While the above is a brief history of my career thus far, more information can be found in my downloadable CV.

My Career

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